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INTRO:The assassin is a fighter who uses stealth and is very fast. The assassin is harder to play than for exemple the warrior. Later in the game the assassin is able to wield two swords. The leveling up takes a longer time, than with the warrior. At the beginning you will not get a very useful weapon, for an assassin. At the beginning, after the "Introduction", you have your first quest. When you go and fight it's harder because your "special moves" are less useful than by the other classifications, but if you have patience it really pays off: When you're about level 12, the assassin really starts to get useful and very strong. So the assassin is not recommended to people who are impatient, but people with a bit of experience and patience will be very happy with the assassin.


One thing you have to know is that the assassin levels up slower than


the other characters in this game. The best and the fastest way to level up at the beginning is if you do a lot of quests. You should be at a fairly good level at that time then, so now you can pretty much do what you want. It's better if you would stop doing quests for a time so that when you are at a higher level afterwards, you can do the quest very easily. You can make a party with a friend of yours who would also play 4STORY so you can level up together faster because you both would share the experience points and you would be at a fairly high level much quicker than if you would play alone.

WEAPONS AND SPECIAL MOVES: It is recommended that the assassin has claws or birams. Check when you level up if you get a message at the bottom right of the playing screen if you have the mork's claw, it's very useful until level 13-16. The assassin's special moves are very tactical:

  1. Make yourself invisible.
  1. Hit the opponent while you are still invisible, which will take away health points of the enemy but it will also make him unable to fight ( dizzy) for about five seconds.
  1. While the opponent is dizzy attack him with your strongest moves.
  1. Your enemy hardly has any health points anymore, you will beat him easlily ( but not if he's a higher level than you!! ).
  1. If the enemy is not nearly dead yet blind him with your sand attack so he can't see and therefore cannot attack you.
  1. now use you best moves again.