4 Story Wiki

The most important thing in 4Story is the character's weapon. The weapons are based usually for either the players that use physical attacks(warriors, assasins and archers) which include swords and bows, or the players that use magic(wizards, priests and summoners) which include wands and staffs, this type always has the same weapon although armour can vary.

Professional Weapons[]

But if any serious fighting is intended, the physical classes have their own special weapon sets:


Assasins use chakrams, with both hands; alternatively they can use a one-handed sword and a left hand sword. Both of these make the Assasin paricularly effective and uses their skill as double handed fighters


The archers specialize in long range attacks thus their unique weapon is the crossbow. This gives them an advantage because the can use skills that work with arrows.


The warriors have incredible strengths and use axes, often accompanied by sheilds.