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Magicians - Artists of Wizardry, Masters of the Elements.

As they were once instructed by Pauldron, the Guardian of Thunder, the magicians are able to transcend the boundaries of the tangible and change Mana into a powerful magic. Thus they have the gift to rule the elements and use them for their purposes: from explosive single attacks to large scale magic and attacks which cause damage over time.

They get additional power from rods, magic shields and magic wands. As they operate in the background they wear fabric clothing and robes.

Flame skills are your single target damage skills in 4Story. They include various attacks that mainly focus on you hitting a single target for the most possible damage. Here is list of them; I just introduce four of them, next time I will present the rest of them.

 Flame Throw is your first single target skill and also waste some 4story money. This skill is a main part of your spell rotation for single target. Flame Spirit Curse is a trash skill to me and I recommend leveling it 1/7 just to get by it. What is does is your attack power add continuous damage to a single target. The continuous damage is horrible until later levels, the skill points can be put to better use elsewhere, and there are better skills that you can use for a rotation then this crap.
 Flame of Binding is what I consider your main slowing ability although its just a single target cast. I recommend you level it to 3/3 to get the 90% success rate and the 70% slow. This spell is great because you can use it safely from a distance and kite ppl with ease. For those that haven not had it done to them, 70% makes you move slowly.
 Blaze of Shock is not an early game spell but can become devastating at high levels. I recommend you get this spell to 4/4 when you are approaching level 60 and not before then. What is does is shoots six balls that deal 35% of you attack power per ball to a Single Target or Multiple Targets if they are cluttered together. If you add that up at level 4 it deals 210% damage to a Single Target and each ball has a chance to crit, so it can become devising.